About Us

Meet Natasha Okanume, our Program manager

“I have been working in the mental health sector for over 10 years. I started my career pre NDIS working as a mental health worker in the Phams and Hasi programs. This gave me a good foundation and helped me to understand the personal journey of participants on their recovery.
After completing my bachelor’s degree in social work I started my specialisation in mental health. During my time as a mental health social worker, I have worked in community mental health, and a s a counsellor for big organisations.
I bring with me a wealth of knowledge in this industry, and I am very passionate about sharing this knowledge with staff that are new in the industry. I believe in training up a robust workforce that will enable NDIS participant to receive quality support.
In my role as program manager I love being able to support both participants and our staff. I believe that we can only provide quality support if our staff are well supported as well. I am passionate about mentoring new staff members and reducing rates of burn out by providing regular supervision.”
I love working in this role because we are working towards closing the gap that exists for participants with a psychosocial disability. It can be difficult for participants to find workers that are specifically trained in mental health. And that’s exactly what we offer : we always invest and recruit staff who are trained in mental health. Not only that but we also believe in providing ongoing training to enable our staff to continue providing quality support to participants.
My true passion is supporting people to live life on their own terms.
I believe that regardless of who we are we all deserve to have self-determination over our own lives. When you live with a psychosocial disability you might need extra support to do this. But I really believe that ultimately it is the person that should decide how they want their lives to look. We as workers are just vehicles that enable them to do so.
When I’m not at work, I love reading books and listen to different podcasts. I also love taking my kids to different activities and staying active.

Why Astute Living Care?

At Astute Living Care, we believe in empowering our participants to live an independent life. We offer professional support for people with psychosocial disabilities and walk with them on their road to recovery. The future is full of possibilities after all!

Personalised approach: catering for individual needs

We take a very personalised approach: each person is unique and we cater to individual needs. Participants are not just a number to us, we create person-centred care strategies designed around the participant’s specific needs.

Flexibility and matching for participants

We also offer a lot of flexibility and offer participants the choice to choose who they would like to work with. Usually, we send staff profiles to the participant and give them options. In a tight job market it can be rare to find a provider that can offer that much flexibility. So we have a few recruiting policies in place that give us access to a wider talent pool.

Experienced in NDIS mental health support in Sydney

We have a medium sized team, and we have a mixture of experience. Most of our workers have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work or diploma in mental health.

What NDIS mental health support services can we offer?

We offer an extensive range of specialised care, including:

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches
Mentoring & Mental Health Support
Counselling /Therapy sessions for a complete healing solution during the recovery phase.
Personal Care
Domestic Assistance
Community participation and social engagement
Supported Independent Living (SIL)
To view how our services can help participants, please click here.
To view how our services can help participants, please click here.