How To Choose the Right NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Are you or your client on the lookout to find and choose the right NDIS psychosocial recovery coach provider to help you on your journey to better mental health?
Good news! There are plenty of great providers out there who can work with you and the NDIS. It is important, however, that you find the one that best suits your needs.
Choosing the right NDIS psychosocial recovery coach provider doesn’t need to be difficult.
As an experienced and recognised psychosocial recovery coaching provider here at Astute Living Care, we will guide you through what to look for.
Keep reading for our top tips on how to pick the best coach who will support and encourage you every step of the way!

Considerations for the right NDIS psychosocial recovery coach provider

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a relatively new area in NDIS. It emphasises the capabilities and strengths of individuals who are facing mental health difficulties, rather than solely concentrating on their illness or condition. This form of assistance is available for individuals with psychosocial disabilities under NDIS funding.
When choosing a psychosocial recovery coach provider, there are several important factors to consider.
How To Choose the Right NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach

Choose a qualified provider

First, you should look for a provider who is certified and accredited.
The best providers working with psychosocial recovery coaches in Australia should make sure their coaches have the appropriate qualifications to ensure clients feel safe and supported during their recovery journey.
The best coaches have at least a Bachelor’s degree in mental health and social sciences, as well as certificates or diplomas in counselling, rehabilitation, case management and coaching.
As part of their training, these professionals must be able to understand different cultural backgrounds. They also understand any specific barriers that might prevent someone from achieving their goals.


Working as a psychosocial recovery coach in Australia requires more than just knowing the right words and having textbook knowledge.
It requires caring, understanding and familiarity with relief-oriented recovery practices.
So before choosing the right provider, it’s crucial to ensure they have coaches who have experience in the area that you need help with. Whether it’s addiction prevention and treatment, career development, trauma recovery or other issues related to mental health, they should be experienced.
Professional experiences such as working alongside organisations that support mental health and having prior experience in psychology or coaching can set them apart from others but also bringing their own personal stories of overcoming challenges is an added advantage.
This way you can truly benefit from having a professional involved in your recovery journey.


It may be helpful to research potential providers online to get an idea of their credentials and approach to coaching.
Look for reviews from former clients and do your research on any credentials they possess that relate specifically to psychosocial recovery coaching.
For even more support and advice on how to choose a NDIS psychosocial recovery coach provider, professional organisations and hotlines dedicated to mental health can help.
These organisations are full of helpful resources and professionals who can help guide you through the process of finding the best possible NDIS provider for your individual needs.
Whether it’s online or in-person, there is a source out there that can provide you with valuable information about psychosocial recovery coaches and their services.

Up to date care

Find out whether the provider is knowledgeable of new methods or approaches that are being used to treat mental health conditions.
Make sure the provider is experienced enough to understand any potential changes in your condition, such as a relapse or an intensification of symptoms.
Finding a psychosocial recovery coach provider who is up-to-date with the latest research and treatments available for mental health disorders can make all the difference in your recovery journey.

Questions to ask before you choose a NDIS psychosocial recovery coach

Once you have selected a NDIS psychosocial recovery coach provider, be sure to ask questions about their coaching program.
Make sure you get a chance to speak with potential providers over the phone or in-person before committing to their services. 
Ask questions about their experience working with similar cases, and the progress and results they have achieved. This will help you understand more about their expertise as a provider.
Find out what kind of support they provide, how often they meet with clients, and how much the program will cost.
If recovery coaching is not part of your NDIS plan yet, ask about eligibility and what you need to get funding. Most providers will be able to point you in the right direction. If you are new to NDIS, they can also help you get started.
Also be sure to ask about any additional services they offer, such as referrals or resources for further services if necessary.
Make sure that you are comfortable with the provider’s approach and qualifications before committing to their services. 

Making final decisions

When it comes to making a decision, remember that everyone’s situation is unique and there is no single answer as to what provider will work best for you.
Use your own judgement and do your best to find the right fit to maximise the chances of success with their coaching program.
With these tips in mind, you can be sure to make an informed decision when selecting a NDIS psychosocial recovery coaching provider.

How to choose the right NDIS psychosocial recovery coach provider – To end

Our psychosocial recovery coaches here at Astute Living Care are experienced professionals who can help you lead a better, more independent life.
We will not only ensure that your NDIS plan is maximised but we can also assist with coordination of related supports so that you have the best chance to succeed in achieving your goals.
Plus, we will work hand-in-hand assisting with skills like motivation, recognising strengths within yourself -allowing for greater resilience and decision making abilities when you need it most.
From creating a personal plan for independence and getting the most from a NDIS plan to connecting with mainstream supports – we are here every step of the way!
To find out more – get in touch with one of our experienced and friendly team.