NDIS Mentoring Services & Support

What is mentoring under the NDIS?

Mentoring Support is covered under capacity building in NDIS. It provides participants with the opportunity to work with a mentor who has relevant experience and expertise in their area of interest or skill. With the help of a mentor participants can achieve their goals, increase their confidence, and develop their skills to reach their fullest potential. Mentoring can also help reduce stress which improves the participant’s wellbeing.
What is mentoring under the NDIS

Who can benefit from NDIS mentoring?

Participants who have a goal that requires the support and guidance of a mentor can add mentoring to their NDIS plan. Mentoring benefits those who struggle with daily life skills, as this support helps build capacity, and teaches participants life skills that will help them to be independent.

What is the difference between mentoring and counselling?

While counselling is more about social skills building, goal setting, developing positive self-talk, communication skills or problem-solving tactics, mentoring has a more hands-on approach that teaches participants how to learn new skills. They do this by practicing skills with them not for them.

How can a mentor help?

The mentor can help participants to identify their strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals, and develop strategies to overcome any challenges they may face. The mentor can also provide participants with advice and feedback and help them to develop skills and knowledge in their area of interest.

How can a mentor help?

We believe that the best way to learn new skills is by practising them, and that is what our mentor support workers do: they teach participants new skills, and they help them along the way, encouraging them not to give up.
Holistic approach: We not only focus on practical skills, but also on social and soft skills.
Our mentoring program is driven by the participant’s interests and goals, and it is tailored to their individual circumstances.
Our mentors provide guidance and teach participants how to identify, access and navigate tools that support them to become increasingly self-sufficient.
We mentor by building positive relationship

How can we help?

Our support workers can help participants with the following:
Career development
Education and personal development
Social skills
Budgeting and financial literacy
Setting specific life goals
Support with linking in with goals such as getting back to work or volunteering
Life skills such as learning how to use a computer, travel training, time management
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